About Us

Kelly Tan Peterson

Kelly Tan Peterson, is a certified Nutrition and Health Coach, an internationally renowned Keto expert and founder of Cooking Inspired By Love, LLC. She is also an award-winning author of KETO EAST, KETO BAKED and (forthcoming) KETO WEST.  With 10 years of living a successful keto lifestyle, Kelly has been on international articles and radio talk show live interacting with audiences around the world. 

She has also conducted several seminars, conferences, workshops and corporate coaching in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Shanghai, Vietnam and the USA. She helped many around the world to eat well, regain their health and stay slim. Her Facebook Keto groups – 生酮东方味, Keto East West, Keto Baked, and Keto Market has total more than 150,000 social media followers, and are still growing in size. 

Going on Keto has helped Kelly normalize her cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose, and avoiding diabetes. After losing 12 kg during the process, she no longer has hypoglycaemia and chronic gastric stomach attacks. A well-formulated ketogenic diet helped rebalanced her hormones, made her more youthful, and she became stronger and healthier. She enjoys helping restaurants design, tweak and simplify every recipe into keto deliciousness that everyone can enjoy! 

Kelly’s vision is to influence everyone to take charge of their own health with food, because the food is the best medicine. As an American-Singaporean of Chinese descent, Kelly now lives with her loving husband Dr. Dan in the beautiful mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA.

Michael Kan

Michael had always been lean and fit his entire life, well, at least up to the age of 20. “Must be my skinny genes and youth” – Michael said.

When he went overseas for studies, Michael gained 16kg in less than a year. It was attributed to the lack of exercise (sloth) and over-eating (glutton). After graduation, he made it a yearly resolution to lose weight. Instead, he gained an average of half a kg a year no matter how hard he tried to watch his diet (calories restriction) and exercise. Along the way, he acquired many ailments like gout, fatty liver, hypertension, high cholesterol, overweight, skin problems, big tummy, pre-diabetes, and catching flu/colds frequently. All these are of course just the result of “normal” ageing. Or so it was thought.

He chanced upon the low carb high fat / ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting which was written off as another fad diet and one of those crazy stuff people do to lose weight. But when the fad didn’t go away and he began to dig deeper. Was immediately blown away by the solid science behind it, and a paradigm shift, He took the leap of faith and for the very first time in his adult life, the fats and inches melted right off!

Then came the surprise – his health improved and all the metabolic syndromes were reversed! People started to take notice and commented that he looked younger than his age.

What was “normal” was actually just common, or prevalent. Nothing is normal about suffering from all kinds of diseases and just attributing or resigning it to fate, bad genes, or growing old. So now, fuelled by ketones and new-found knowledge plus passion, he’s eager to share these secrets to health, longevity, weight loss and anti-ageing and to show everyone that metabolic syndromes are not inevitable and that you do not have to rely on medications to sustain your life. Let thy food be thy medicine.

Alex Lim

After having spent nearly 2 decades in the Malaysian IT industry, Alex helped in building an IT company to be the leading provider of Retail Management ERP software that boasts the biggest retail players in the market as their clients.

However, it all came with at the expense of him ignoring his health in the pursuit of wealth, believing that everything was fine until 2003 when he was formally diagnosed as a diabetic with high fasting blood glucose and hbA1C.

He believed that everything was fine as long as he kept to the doctor’s instructions and was diligently taking medications daily. About 10 years after diagnosis, he was shocked to find that the condition has progressed faster expected. The bi-annual checkup show signs of early-stage kidney impairment, fatty liver, hypertension and of course the dreaded diabetes had progressed quite far onwards.

Determined to change things around, he embarked on a drastic change in lifestyle, eating habits and start adopting a low carbs high fats way of life. The decision probably saved him from an early demise as his blood glucose normalised, with the latest A1C at 4.9%, and all signs of kidney impairment disappeared while the fatty liver reversed too.

On November 2017, Alex gave up his corporate life to devote his time to help other diabetics or those with metabolic challenges in life. He subsequently pursued and completed the Advanced Diploma In Nutrition & Health coaching, with the International Institute of Nutritional Health and has coached many back to health since graduation.