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Nakaki Premium Konjac
Japan #1 selling low carb rice and noodle. Order now!

Our Product

We specialized in sourcing products globally and coordinate co-op group buy.

We help you to source and import selected quality products that are not easily available in your area. The benefits of co-op group buy is we get the fresh batch of products at a negotiated price with better service. The manufacture gets their product across to new territories to the niche community. Together we can enjoy a sustainable and fun healthy lifestyle with variety of products you can trust. Win-win!

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Flvon – Finest Cocoa Flavanolds

Flvon’s high quality 100% cocoa powder is made in Switzerland, recognized by the European Commission as a heart healthy cocoa beverage.  

Nakaki Premium Konjac Rice and Noodles

Close to 70,000 packs of rice and noodles were imported to Malaysia and Singapore in last 12 months.

Ketologie Protein Collagen Peptide

More than 3000 jars of pure bovine collagen peptide was imported to Malaysia and Singapore in last 18 months.


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